Swarovski 5328 Light Peach

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Size: 4mm

1 Gross (144 pcs)= $9.85

Complete Package (1,440 pcs)= $93.58

Size: 5mm

1 Gross (144 pcs)= $13.80

Complete Package (720 pcs)= $65.55

Size: 6mm

1 Gross (144 pcs)= $20.00

Complete Package (360 pcs)= $47.50


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Swarovski 5328 Light Peach


The Xilion Bead features one of Swarovski's most popular single-layer cuts, offering differentiation and outstanding brilliance in a wide variety of sizes, including the unique 2.5mm, which makes the Xilion Bead the smallest bi-cone bead in the world. Moreover, it comes in the widest range of colors and effects available for the Xilion Bead. The belt line of this crystal component has been rounded to ensure comfort—for example, when wearing it on the wrist. It brings geometric harmony and a unique sparkle to any design, whether jewelry, accessories, haute couture, DIY, interiors, or lingerie.