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Available in Swarovski and high quality Chinese crystal, chandelier crystals are available to help you give your chandelier a unique sense of craftsmanship. Swarovski offers two types of chandelier crystals. One being Strass, the highest quality chandelier crystal, with a finer richer cut, and a Swarovski logo engraved inside to assure authenticity. The other being Spectra, also high quality; but does not have as many cuts or logo engraved. Chinese chandelier crystals do not stay too far behind when it comes to sparkle and elegance. All brands of our chandelier crystals offer tear drops, crystal balls, octagons, and other common crystal shapes. Octagons are used to create the crystal chain that goes around a chandelier. The most common octagon size used is 14mm and they are connected to each other with jump rings or bow tie connectors. Get your ideas flowing and dress your chandeliers with our high quality crystals!