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Organza Pouches

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Sizes: S 7x10cm

          M 10x15cm

          L 15x20cm

Quantity: 10pcs

Prices: S $2.25

            M $3.25

            L $4.50

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Organza Pouches


These particular pouches are made with a sheer organza fabric. The pouch is very airy and transparent allowing to see what it holds inside. Its feeling to the organza fabric is a rough type of crispiness. Pouches consist of double satin drawstrings which could be pulled open or closed to give the pouch a secure tie for storing jewelry, party favors, or even small gifts.  This pouch is available in many assorted colors and sizes. A big plus is that this pouch is reusable, nothing can beat that! Just get creative you’ll be surprised how much of a big hit and useful these pouches could turn out to be.