Swarovski Tangerine

2058/2088 Tangerine Shimmer

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1 Gross= 144 pieces


SS5 (1.9mm) Complete package 1440 pieces

SS7(2.3mm) Complete package 1440 pieces

SS9(2.7mm) Complete package 1440 pieces

SS12 (3.2mm) Complete package 1440 pieces

SS16 (4mm) Complete package 1440 pieces

SS20 (4.8mm) Complete package 1440 pieces 






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2058/2088 Tangerine Shimmer


The Xirius Rose's superbly brilliant cut, increased number of facets, and faultless precision, makes it the perfect component for every style, so no wonder this crystal variant has been added to the popular Xirius family. Whether used as a backdrop to add a bold sparkle to designs, or as a standalone, or as an eye-catching element in patterns, the Xirius Rose brings glamour to any piece.