1 Dozen Assorted Glass Beads

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1 Dozen Assorted Glass Beads



The assorted glass beads come in a dozen pack which you can choose from based on your requirements.
A gorgeous addition to your crafts table, as these glass beads, come in alluring and vibrant hues that you
can use to create charming and unique designs. These long threads can be used as they are, or paired
with anything you wish to add them to. Giving you complete control when it comes to your creative
These one dozen assorted glass beads come in barrel, oval, and round shapes. So make sure you pick the
one that will work best for you. Meaning, keeping your style and design in mind we allow you the
opportunity to add the perfect touch that elevates the design in every aspect. So no matter if you are
creating a bracelet, necklace, band, earrings, or just using these beads to decorate your bags, jeans,
tees, tops, or in any way; you get the perfect impact and character you were looking for.
These assorted glass beads are available in a wide range of color for you to choose from, this way you
can create the perfect arrangement. Crafted using quality materials these assorted beads come in a
polished form that offers a hint of matte. Creating the subtle charm you need from your glass beads to
ensure they stand out from the crowd.