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Swarovski Shimmer Effect

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1 Gross= 144 pieces

SS12 (3.2mm) Complete package 1440 pieces 

SS16 (4mm) Complete package 1440 pieces 

SS20 (4.8mm) Complete package 1440 pieces 

SS30 (6.5mm) Complete package 288 pieces

SS40 (8.5mm) Complete package 144 pieces

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Swarovski Shimmer Effect


Swarovski's newest and hottest crystal is the Shimmer Effect. The multi color shimmering crystal is specially designed to bring your dancing dreams to life by moving with you and adding a little sparkle. These beautiful stones have 15 different colors that will accentuate your garments and accessories by bringing out a softer and elegant aspect to them. Guaranteed to show the unique light refraction and a lighter AB effect that is consistent throughout the entire collection.Wash resistant and durable during foiling. Crystals and effects remain intact after washing and chemical cleaning.