Luxy Elegance


Size: .015

Start of by cutting about 2 feet of flex wire.



Tube Crimps

Color: Gold

Run your cut flex wire half way through the loop on the Tagol clasp and squish a crimping bead at the top to hold the wire in place. You should now have 2 wires ready to bead a 2 strand bracelet. 



Color: Gold 



Use this clasp to close the bracelet, one part should have been used to start the 2 wires, hold the other part until you are done beading to close it with a crimp as well. 




Color: PBS13 Size: 4mm


Start of your beading pattern with one pearl on each string. 


Add a rhinestone spacer bar after every bead change. 

Color: PBS13 Size: 4mm

 After you have added the rhinestone bar, add a 8mm glass pearl on each string followed by another rhinestone bar. 




Faceted Round Double Holed Bead

Color: Jet 

Run the flex wires through both holes on the bead. Continue the pattern with the pearls and rhinestone bars. 


Add rhinestone balls to your bracelet for the next 2 patterns and then continue back to the 8mm glass pearl. 

End your beading pattern with the 4mm glass pearls you started with, go ahead and attach the flex wire ends to the other Tagol clasp with your crimping beads. 


Crimp Cover

Color: Gold 

Use this crimping cover to cover up the crimping beads. 




You created your own Luxy Elegance Bracelet